Sungard Availability Services is the pioneer and leading provider of information availability solutions.

In 1978, Sungard AS invented the business of disaster recovery, which has evolved into availability services. Sungard AS now offers a complete range of information availability solutions that include managed IT, professional and business continuity services. SunGard also has technology and systems management services for application and data center outsourcing, as well as business continuity consulting services and planning software. Sungard offers expertise in:

  • Identifying availability requirements
  • Defining business continuity strategies
  • Developing specialized software for data protection and related needs

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More than 9,000 businesses and institutions across North America and Europe rely on Sungard AS to help them keep their people connected with the information they require in order to do business. These customers include corporations and non-profits in nearly every sector of the economy. Sungard AS’ information availability solutions help these organizations minimize their exposure to threats with the potential to interrupt their operations, such as:

  • Breaches of security
  • Network or hardware failures
  • Data loss
  • Power failure
  • Extreme events ranging from natural disaster to terrorism