The data center is the core of the IT ecosystem, the hub of the vast array of devices and applications that are now converged onto the data network.

As such, the data center infrastructure must be reliable, manageable, and capable of supporting today’s high-density, tightly integrated computing environment.

Yet many data centers are based upon decades-old design concepts. Although filled to near capacity, they are underutilized from a compute-per-square-foot perspective, with rack densities limited to 60 percent on average due to power and cooling constraints. And because they tend to evolve in a piecemeal fashion, they lack the overarching rationality needed to streamline management and control costs — as a result, data center complexity was cited as a key concern in a recent survey of CIOs.

Sigma Solutions has a long track record of success architecting data center infrastructures capable of meeting today’s business needs. Our engineers have a deep understanding of the latest technologies and are adept at mapping these solutions to operational realities. Sigma’s broad expertise helps integrate these technologies into an end-to-end solution that balances performance demands with power, cooling and space constraints.

Sigma’s data center infrastructure solutions help organizations:

  • Improve manageability and control costs
  • Reduce power, cooling and space requirements
  • Ensure availability and performance of mission-critical applications
  • Better respond to changing business demands